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Are you struggling with:

  • Getting timely and affordable feedback on your routine?

  • Networking with professionals in your industry?

  • Finding opportunities to audition or compete?

  • Showcase Hub helps dancers and actors of all levels improve their skills and propel themselves to the next level.

    • Experts on Demand

      Showcase Hub gives you access to dozens of professional, active dancers and actors who specialize in your desired niche. Find exactly who you need to give you timely and expert advice to take it to the next level.

    • Level the Playing Field

      No more does accessing top-of-the-line coaches and competitions mean that you need to travel or spend tons of money. We bring private coaching and energizing competitions all into the comfort of your home studio.

    • Open for Opportunity

      Wondering how you can network and learn from others in the industry? Wanting to seek out opportunities to showcase your talents? Our platform makes it easy to find and take advantage of opportunities that fit your level.

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We understand how hard it can be to find and participate in coaching, auditions, or competitions that don’t cost a fortune in fees and travel. Showcase Hub was created by performers, for performers, so dancers and actors can create community and grow professionally. We’ve connected hundreds of performers with the expert, on-demand feedback and opportunities they need to fuel their passion and gain confidence.

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    • Showcase Hub completely changed the course of my dance career for the better. I submitted my dance reel for an Industry Insider Challenge and upon being selected the winner, I was awarded a mentorship phone call with Lucille DiCampli, an NYC-based agent. She was incredibly helpful providing advice on how to navigate the LA dance scene (I had recently moved to the West Coast from NYC) and gave insight on the different agencies and how I could best prepare myself to be successful as a working dancer in a more commercial scene. A few weeks after my phone call, I signed with one of the top agencies in LA!

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    • I am extremely satisfied with this review!! I got so many details and specific corrections that I am excited to work on, and just by listening to the comments given I am certain that these will benefit me moving forward. It is very clear that Stacey Tookey cares about her work and it was nice to hear her voice again! She is truly the best. :)

      Den.Gop, iPhone User
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  • Let’s Improve Your Skills

    • 1. Create a Free Account

      Get started via our app or website with a free account on Showcase Hub.

    • 2. Upload a Video of your performance

      Record a 1-5 minute video of yourself performing and upload it to your account.

    • 3. Participate in Coaching, Auditions, or Challenges

      Receive personalized reviews or open yourself up to new opportunities.

  • At Showcase Hub, we know you are the kind of budding performer who wants to be constantly growing and improving. In order to do that, you need to get feedback on your performance and be able to network within your industry. The problem is, it’s hard to tap into professional resources as a beginning performer, which makes you feel stagnant in your skills. We believe that you deserve to have the network and resources to grow yourself as a performer. And yet, we understand how hard it can be to participate in coaching, auditions, or competitions that don’t cost a fortune in fees and travel. That’s why we developed a digital, on-demand coaching, audition, and competition platform for dancers and actors of all levels. Here’s how it works: first, create a free account; second, upload a video of your performance; and third, participate in coaching, auditions, or challenges within the platform. So create a free account today, so you can stop wondering how your performance is and start improving your skills and feeling empowered.

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Heres how we are diffrent

  • Our Secret to Success

    No matter how many times your amazing, absolutely brilliant work is rejected by your peers, for whatever dopey, arbitrary reason, there is often another amazing, absolutely brilliant solution possible.

    • Best coahes

      We have the best coaches in our platform

    • Virtual Feedback

      You can get feedback on your performance virtually anywhere

    • Auditions

      Our new Audition feature is a game changer virtually

    • Challenges

      You want to win something doing what you love, try our challenges section, you never know.

  • Hey Folks! We’re incredibly excited to share our solo challenge!

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